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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We truly hope that you and yours had a fantastic Christmas!

This Christmas, we were expecting Max to be gung-ho about the whole opening presents, tearing paper, playing with boxes thing.  Alas, not so much.  He had a great time, but we think he got over stimulated.  He didn't cry, just got real quiet and snuggled with Daddy or Uncle Dave.  It was the year of stuffed fuzzies (Nana made him a doll, and Daddy got him a stuffed bear named Maxwell from London), trucks, and books.  The most fascinating thing?  The big box Aunt Katie wrapped her homemade blanket for him in.

The crowing achievement for me was the photo you see below.  Taken with a timer on my Nikon D40, with all the settings on manual.  Pretty proud of myself.

Have a Happy New Year!

11:40 am est

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Well, here it is, the new and improved keysandhammers.com!  We're sorry it's been down for a while, but we've been rather busy!
There are a couple of new improvements that we're excited about.  First is the new design.  We've switched from godaddy.com to fatcow.com as our hosting service provider, and so far, we're much happier with fatcow.com.  Next is our intergrated photo page.  Click on a photo, and it will take you to a link that had a much larger photo display, thanks to Adobe Lightroom.  Thanks to Zak Keller for the recommendation!
We hope you'll check back often, and we'll try to keep the site up to date!


What's New?

A new website!  Woo-hoo!

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